In focus with Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz; Thrive Using Science

Written by Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic, Partner and Group Managing Director of BI Consulting Group on June 8th, 2021.

We talked to BI Consulting Group's Partner and Group Managing Director Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic, a seasoned business transformation leader, a trusted C-level adviser, and one of the pioneers in Singapore and Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organizations into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation.

“Using science, technology and business experiential knowledge in developing techniques to improve lives. An advocate for equal opportunities, sustainable education, women’s empowerment and making the world a better place.”

How she helps individuals and organization thrives using science

“A resilient organisation has the ability not only to anticipate disasters, weather difficulties, react to short-term obstacles and adjust to the unexpected disruptions but achieving positive results in attaining long term goals. It is a vital strategy for an organization to flourish in the contemporary dynamic world. The main characteristic is the ability to identify the emerging trend, threats, and understanding of their impacts on all business aspects, employees and the overall community” said Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic, Partner and Group Managing Director of BI Consulting Group. This implies that resilient organizations have the ability to brainstorm scenarios and identify the risks that could affect the company.

Most resilient organization also have an ‘employee first’ policy, one which fosters trust, accountability, and flexibility. This allow their employee to take care of health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Understanding human resources play a fundamental role in daily business operations. The core of any successful business model is the people that drive that model, the adage that you are only as good as your people, is fundamentally a truism of a successful business. This makes the organization become successful in recognizing vulnerabilities and having a culture of mutual aims and values for all the stakeholders. The employees of the company are therefore empowered with thinking skills, that they can use to foster long-term organizational change and development.

“Having a strong and supportive relationship with the main stakeholders, organizations should also have a workforce that is committed to breaking up silo mentality, working as a unified team, to make the employees cope with changes and give them the flexibility and key skills of working proactively. Having a clear direction from leadership, communicating effectively, allows the management to determine whether the employees are working on the essential and strategic activities of supporting the growth of the company.”

“Given the current economic conditions, it have necessitated businesses to find new ways to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, tighten their operations, and increasing their revenue streams whilst keeping expenses low. As enterprises strive to remain competitive, the management is engaged in numerous activities, where managers have multiple responsibilities. Hence, psychology also plays a critical role as most companies focus on increasing their market share, promoting their brand and customer satisfaction, and may end up forgetting the significant impact that employees have in achieving such goals.” Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic added.

BI Consulting Group's Partner and Group Managing Director Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic

The importance of Cyberspace mental wellness

In the fourth industrial revolution, where almost the entire world is connected through the internet, mental health plays a great role. Cyberspace, driven by information systems and the Internet, is changing our world in unprecedented ways by facilitating economic development and creating innovative ways for people to communicate, engage, negotiate and collaborate with one another. There is almost no aspect of human endeavor that has not been domesticated in the realm of cyberspace. Personal and societal changes are brought on by cyberspace. The number of human events that have shifted from actual, face-to-face meetings to interactions facilitated by remote, distant connectivity has increased dramatically, changing human behaviour, goals, governance, parenting, and so on. The wellbeing of cyberspace, like public health, has an effect on about every area of contemporary culture. Businesses, governments, and societies would be unable to survive if critical elements of the cyberspace system are compromised. Failures in cyberspace health may have a huge impact on a nation’s strength.

Excessive reliance on digitalization is affecting the human brain, with relentless working regimes blurring the lines between work and private lives entailing over exposure to screens and, consequently, over stimulating the brain, leading to serious clinical and psychological disorders. This is particularly affecting children as their brains are in their early developmental stages where neural connections are formed, aiding in the development of various parts of the brain in a healthy way, a process which is now being impeded by the relentless and sustained intrusion of digital devices in their lives.

Stress is a multi-dimensional syndrome that can engage the entire human organism. Stress has become #1 killer in today’s world, affecting our mental, emotional, and physical well- being. Its effects on behavior can range from depression, irritability, aggression, and the loss of sense of humor. Mentally, long-term stress may affect a person’s ability to concentrate and lead to chronic depression. Physically, this can manifest as headaches, indigestion, aches and pains, heart palpitations, heart attacks, allergies, colitis, high blood pressure, PMS, eczema, autoimmune diseases, IBS, insomnia, lethargy, or a general breakdown of good health. People, who continually push themselves beyond the warning signs of fatigue and pain, often will not stop to rest, relax, and take the time to heal until there is a major breakdown of health.​​

How do we counter stress and live a healthier lifestyle

Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle can help one cope and adjust to life’s stresses. Some of the ways of creating such a lifestyle include development of a positive mental attitude, choosing nourishing foods and liquids, adequate exercise or physical activity, time in the sunshine, and fresh air, deep breathing exercises, self-care, adequate rest, relaxation, meditation, and time for self.

Build Positive Emotions

Emotions are powerful forces and it can determine our outlook on life based on the events occurring around us. Building positive emotion can decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase feel-good chemical messengers in the brain (such as dopamine and serotonin), helping one feel physically and emotionally safe, thus boosts feelings of safety and trust, which helps to build better bonds with those around them.

Fostering the Wisdom of Resilience

Resilience has most frequently been defined as positive adaptation. Some may associate resilience with mental toughness, but it requires experiencing emotional pain and discomfort to show resiliency.

Building resilience is important as it gives people the necessary strength to process and resolve hardship. Those who lack endurance are easily overwhelmed and can resort to unhealthy strategies for coping. In order to solve obstacles and work through difficulties, resilient people tap their abilities and support networks. For a good reason, you hear a lot about rising and improving resilience—in ourselves and children alike.


Meditation is basically a simple process of conscious relaxation. It is a combination of processes and postures, which involves human brain to achieve state of pleasure and tranquility. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation, allowing you to focus on your attention and help to reverse your body stress response. Thus, this enhance physical and emotional well-being.

Essential Oil Therapy

Aromatherapy, also known as Essential Oil Therapy is a holistic healing technique that encourages health, equilibrium and wellness by using natural plant extracts. It uses essential aromatic oils to improve, enhance and heal the body, mind and spirit. It improves both physical and emotional health. It is both viewed as an art and a science.

Essential oils have also been known to have a positive effect on all the major physical systems of the body including the circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, eliminative, reproductive, endocrine, muscular, and skeletal. Modern day research has confirmed their therapeutic and medicinal qualities of being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti- venomous, anti-depressive, anti-neuralgic, stimulant, nervine, digestive, diuretic and more.

Eating healthy 

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The human body is designed to be slightly alkaline instead of acidic, although the body is acidic by function (breathing, digestion, dealing with acid foods and drink). Plant based foods, which are mostly alkaline foods, are the principal ingredients that keep us healthy and work well in this slow moving human digestive system.

Benefits of eating healthy can improve heart and brain health, memory, mood and energy levels. It build strong bones and teeth and of cos, it also helps with our overall weight management.

Sleep well

Sleeping well directly affects both your mental and physical health. Fall short and it can take a serious toll on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even your weight. Unhealthy daytime habits and lifestyle choices can leave you tossing and turning at night and adversely affect your mood, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, vitality, and weight.

About Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic

Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic is a  seasoned business transformation leader, a trusted C-level adviser, and one of the pioneers in Singapore and Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organizations into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation. She is known for UAIME techniques and she champions in aligning Organisation Growth with Human Capital x IoT x Blockchain and has delivered projects globally. Her notable clients range from luxury, financial, technology, real estate, consumer, FMCG, wellness, and retail.

Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic is the Founder of The Thirdspace by dR CLB, a using science to promote cyber mental wellbeing , Partner and Group Managing Director of BI Group, an advisory, research and strategy consulting firm specialising in Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and next-generation technology. She is also the Chief of Corporate Affairs, Group Chair of CyberPsychology & Cyber Space Mental Wellness (CyPSYCH) Special Interest Group, and a Policy Expert, at the Global Foundation of Cyber Security Studies & Research Think Tank Washington DC (GFCYber).

Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic is the author of "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience" and co-written a white paper titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution & CyberSpace Mental Health Stigma".  She is also a certified aromatherapist in clinical practice. A strong believer in holistic therapeutic treatment and in giving back to society, Dr Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic founded The Third Space, a Project for Good, "TWEL", and started the “Pay Forward” program.

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