Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™)

How You Get Your Certification & Learn The Science and Art To Become A Successful Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Professional...

SkillFront Cofounder and Vice President - Yeliz-Obergfell
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Did you know that ...

The number one reason people fail in Negotiations or Resolving Conflicts is not due to the lack of business savviness and experience but because they don't have a formal Negotiation training and certification to prove their expertise?

Here is the problem you face: Even if they feel that they need you as their Negotiation Professional for their teams and business, most people, teams, and companies do not know how to interview and select Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Professionals, so they end up trusting and hiring the ones who have relevant Negotiation training and certifications.

Which means WITHOUT possessing proper Negotiation Professional credentials, you'll never get a chance to serve your clients and build a positive impact on their goals, lives, and businesses.

SkillFront Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) Certification Shareable and Verifiable Digital Badge

Luckily for you, there is now a solution. Let me introduce you to the Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) course and certification program to help everyone master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution skills and prove their expertise with course and certification.

Yeliz Obergfell, SkillFront, VP User Experience

Everything Is Included In One Small Discounted Price

The overall process to get your Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) certification is simple, fast, and rewarding.

Hassle-Free Online Certification

  1. You register online.
  2. We instantly send your training materials and exam access code.
  3. You take your online test exam and answer 30 multiple-choice questions from your device within 365 days after registration.
  4. We instantly send your lifetime valid Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) certification and your sharable and verifiable digital badge after you pass your exam.

Important Numbers

  • Exam Access Code Validity After Registration: 365 days (If requested, this can be further extended)
  • Duration of Exam: 60 Minutes
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Passing Score: 60% (At least 18 correct answers)
  • Success Rate: 98%
  • Number Test Attempts Included: 3
  • Training Materials: Included in the program fee
  • Certification Validity: Lifetime (No renewal or recurring fees)

One Small Discounted Price (Today Only)

The program includes everything you need to succeed.

  • Bonus Program E-Book: 83 Pages (USD 97.- Value)
  • Bonus Program Audiobook: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes, 51 Seconds (USD 50.- Value)
  • Online Examination of Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) Certification (USD 299.- Value)
  • Sharable and Verifiable Digital Badge (Your Name Engraved On It, Custom Made For You) (USD 99.- Value)
The one-time discounted registration fee for this entire learning and certification package is only USD 69.- (Today Only). There are no other fees ever after your registration.

Exam Pass Or 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Are you afraid of failing at your examination? You no longer need to be because we take all risks on our shoulders, so you can focus on developing skills, which means you will build the confidence and know-how to bring you forward in your career!

If you may fail your exam, we will free of charge and immediately reactivate your exam access code up to 3 times. We believe in your training materials' quality so much that if you can't pass your certification exam after 3 attempts, we will hassle free refund your full registration fee without asking any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our commitment to your world-class training and certification programs, we are happy to reply to our valuable students' FAQs.

No. You don't need to schedule your exam access. You can access your exam around the clock, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week whenever you would love to.

365 days. As soon as you register, we will immediately deliver your exam access code. You can access your exam instantly if you want to. In case you can't access your exam directly because of other commitments, but you don't want to miss today's special discount offer, no problem at all! Your exam access code remains valid for 365 days after your registration, so you can take your time before you access your exam.

In case you may require an extension for the validity period of your exam access code, please send us a support request, so we will immediately extend the validity period of your exam access code. You can always count on us that we are designing our services by adhering to principles of simplicity and problem solving rather than loading an extra burden on your shoulders.

If you may fail your exam, we will free of charge and immediately reactivate your exam access code up to 3 times. We believe in your training materials' quality so much that if you can't pass your certification exam after 3 attempts, we will hassle free refund your full registration fee without asking any questions!

Yes. In real life, we don't solve problems when our supplementary materials are out of our reach. In contrast, the best problem-solvers are known for their remarkable ability to understand where and how to access information, rather than memorizing books and instruction materials. Therefore, you can feel free to use any materials during your exam, so your exam will be like an emulation of real-life challenges you need to deal with.

Sure! We will be privileged and honored to serve everyone you value and care about!

Forever. Your certification will be lifetime valid. So you can invest your training budget in learning new skills and making new programs rather than repeating the subjects you have already proven your competence.

Once you register, we will deliver you a number of today only educational bonuses, which are part of today's special offer. Once you carefully study and comprehend these materials, you can feel absolutely confident to pass your exam. For most of our students, the training takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on their available times to learn new skills and grow themselves on their career journeys.

No. You don't need to pay again to reactivate your exam access code. In case you are unable to pass your certification exam, we will free of charge and immediately reactivate your existing exam access code up to 3 times so that you can retake your exam whenever you would love to.

As soon as you start your program, we're going to email you a registration confirmation email. From this email, you will have direct access to your invoice. Please report this invoice document to your employer or official tax authorities to justify your program fee, so you can get back the investment you have made for your program.

Our training content and examination questions are all in English. And yet, if your English is already good enough to read this message, don't worry about your English level. Even with a basic level of business English, you can feel absolutely confident to learn and pass your exams! Alternatively, you can use Google Translator or Google Translator Chrome Plug-in to translate your training materials and certification exam questions.

The skills covered in the program are:
  • Chapter 1. The Win-Win Concept
  • Chapter 2. Being Fair
  • Chapter 3. Being Reasonable
  • Chapter 4. Be Realistic
  • Chapter 5. Why Negotiation Is An Important Business Skill?
  • Chapter 6. Knowing Your Goals and Objectives
  • Chapter 7. Goal Setting In Negotiation
  • Chapter 8. Goals vs Objectives
  • Chapter 9. Negotiating For Projects
  • Chapter 10. Basic Tactics for Negotiation
  • Chapter 11. Having The Initiative To Be The First One To Offer Help
  • Chapter 12. Learn The Barter System
  • Chapter 13. Never Name The Price
  • Chapter 14. Valid Reasons When The Customer Is Asking For Discounts
  • Chapter 15. Know Your Competitors
  • Chapter 16. Create A Win-Win Business Deal
  • Chapter 17. Advanced Tactics for Negotiation #1
  • Chapter 18. Be a Mirror
  • Chapter 19. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
  • Chapter 20. Don’t Feel Their Pain, Label It
  • Chapter 21. Beware of “Yes,” Master “No”
  • Chapter 22. Trigger the Two Words That Immediately Transform Any Negotiation
  • Chapter 23. Bend Their Reality
  • Chapter 24. Anchor Their Emotions
  • Chapter 25. Let Your Counterpart Go First … Most of the Time
  • Chapter 26. Establish a Range
  • Chapter 27. Pivot to Non-Monetary Terms
  • Chapter 28. When You Do Talk Numbers, Use Odd Ones
  • Chapter 29. Surprise With a Gift
  • Chapter 30. Create the Illusion of Control
  • Chapter 31. Guarantee Execution
  • Chapter 32. The 7-38-55 Percent Rule
  • Chapter 33. The Rule of Three
  • Chapter 34. The Pinocchio Effect
  • Chapter 35. The Personal Discount
  • Chapter 36. Bargain Hard
  • Chapter 37. Find the Unexpected Unknowns
  • Chapter 38. The Three Types of Leverage
  • Chapter 39. Overcoming Fear and Getting What You Want Out of Life
  • Chapter 40. Advanced Tactics for Negotiation #2
  • Chapter 41. Why “Win-Win” Can Be The Wrong Approach In Negotiations?
  • Chapter 42. Why A Negotiation Should Always Start With a “No”?
  • Chapter 43. Which Negotiation Tactics You Should Use To Get a “Yes”?
  • Chapter 44. Tactic #1 - Know Your Mission & Purpose
  • Chapter 45. Tactic #2 - Focus On Your Behavior, Not The Outcome
  • Chapter 46. Tactic #3 - Ask Good Questions
  • Chapter 47. Tactic #4 - Have No Preconceptions
  • Chapter 48. Tactic #5 - Identify The Key Pain Point
  • Chapter 49. Tactic #6 - Build Your Budget
  • Chapter 50. Tactic #7 - Negotiate With The Real Decision Makers
  • Chapter 51. Tactic #8 - Stick To Your Agenda
  • Chapter 52. Tactic #9 - Keep it simple
  • Chapter 53. Tactic #10 - Don’t think “pay-back”, think “pay-forward”
  • BONUS Chapter 1. Become A Bit Better Than You, Everyday.
  • BONUS Chapter 2. Next Steps For The Pursuit Of Growth.
  • And Much Much More ...

During your journey with us, we'll make sure that we'll take care of all of your needs and requirements. Our student experience support team is working for you 365 days a year, around the clock, to handle all of your questions and support requests in at most 24 hours. Our student experience support team is worldwide renowned. Every day, we receive appreciation from our students like yourself, who either founded new businesses or got promotions and pay raises. All thanks to their unique credentials and know-how, we have been helping them to earn and learn.

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