This badge was issued to Sanjeev Singh on 15 August 2021.
This badge never expires, and it is lifetime valid.
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SkillFront Star Learners Club: Premium Member Badge

Badge Type: SkillFront Star Learners Club

Expiration: Lifetime Valid

Cost: Priceless

Program Details
SkillFront Star Learners Club: Premium Member Badge
Issued by SkillFront

Program Description

The SkillFront Star Learners Club: Premium Member Badge Program is a multiple-choice online test examination that you can participate in from your device from anywhere around the world. The test contains ∞ questions, and you have ∞ minutes in a single session to answer your questions.

The program costs USD 0 in total. The program fee includes everything you need to succeed, including your training materials + your exam + your certification. No other hidden costs or fees involved.

To pass your program examination and obtain the SkillFront Star Learners Club: Premium Member Badge, you need to answer at least 100% of your test questions correctly. The Examination success rate is 100%.

In case you may not pass the examination during your first attempts, the access code will be free of charge reactivated up to ∞ times, so that you can retake the exam without any additional fee. If you still fail at your last attempt, your full registration fee will be hassle-free refunded without asking any questions!

Earning Criteria
  • Register online for your SkillFront Star Learners Club: Premium Member Badge Program. Instantly after your registration, SkillFront sends your details to access your training materials and program examination.
  • Study and learn training materials (ebooks, audiobooks, videos, interactive live online, or recorded classes) provided by SkillFront. (Materials are provided as free of charge bonuses to program participants).
  • Take your Online Test Exam anywhere and anytime you want, and correctly answer at least 100% of ∞ multiple-choice questions. Your exam access code remains valid for 365 days after your registration, so you can take your time before you complete your exam. Access to your training materials and programs are lifetime valid, so they never expire.
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